Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beware the Ides of March

What If?

One different decision, one person we never meet, one turn to the left instead of the right is all it takes to alter the course of our lives. This month at the Tintype our writers endeavor to answer the question “What if?”I hope you enjoy the reading the results. I know we enjoyed writing them.


Devnet Caratauc


Saturday, February 11, 2012

That Must Be Love

For this month, I tried to find out what makes the steamlanders’ heart beat, both from the singles and the partnered side. I worry steam is still the main food for them, since I got very few answers. Yet, I got one who dared share her dream, and two who talked openly about their happiness...

Let’s start with the single one. Miss Jayle kindly accepted to reveal her heart’s desires...

She describes herself as someone who have enjoyed seeing SL growth—and her own—in the almost five years she has spent living here. The realizations she chose to speak of reveals an ever curious scholar lady, who would like to improve her communication skills.

She did fall in love with someone she has known for a long time, with whom she can talk openly. But having decided not to let her feelings known, that leaves her still officially single.

Next, I asked her to describe her ideal partner: "Independent but not so much so they never want to hang out. Hard worker. Funny but knows when not to joke. Passionate about what they do. Positive. Optimistic. Willing to accept all my baggage." Was she totally honest? Is she disillusioned? When I asked her about what she really expect of a partner, she answered "See above." Or perhaps her dreams are of the accessible kind, which would speak lots for her.

Her heart’s desires, unfortunately, still haven’t materialized, though, as the only partner of her dream still only lives in her dreams. And she is in no hurry to change that, as she insists she prefers to stay single.

So, what does Miss Jayle look forward for the upcoming Valentine's Day? She hopes nothing more than have fun with friends.

May this hope turn real!

Now, let’s take a look at those happily in love! Two brave souls accepted to bare themselves for public view: Mrs Sha'uri Cheshire-Angel, and Mrs "Life Happens" (who decided to stay anonymous).

Mrs Cheshire-Angel describes herself thusly: "A generally casual Enkidukai lady of the clan Clamod, I have been a happy subject of Caledon for some years now. Currently Duchess Arkham, along with My wife, Solar Angel-Cheshire, as well as Baroness in Morgaine. These things are good, but My greatest prides are My beloved and the many friends that I have made in the Realm." Mrs. Life Happens chose to talk about her creativity and general good-hearted nature, although she tends to worry in bad times—but who doesn’t


As for their partners... Mrs Cheshire-Angel is again exuberant: "My Solar is the most awesome, clever, intelligent, warm and caring woman I have ever had the honour of loving. That she loves Me in return only makes it better. Yes, she can get a little target fixated on her projects at times, but that is part of her charm, and part of My happy responsibility as her Owner to bring her up for air every so often." Perhaps because the other Mrs Cheshire-Angle may read this! Mrs Life Happens not having the same fear, she was more poised in her description: "He's brainy with a great sense of humor. Though he can be lazy and a procrastinator which leads me to nagging."

The next question was about how they have met. Mrs Cheshire-Angel chose (again!) the exuberant answer, saying not only they have met, and was amazing, but she is always looking forward to meet her again! (Aw! Isn’t love cute?) It then developed rather quickly. In her words:

"Our paths first crossed in the Caledon groupchat, and I knew almost at once that I wanted her but, being as I was already coming out of a bad relationship, I wanted to be cautious. After circling and flirting with each other for a few weeks, we finally met in SL. Despite our cautious approaches, we swiftly fell in love and well, most of the Realm knows the rest of the story by now. :)

"We found in each other the things that we needed...and give them freely. It is a partnership between us, and we know that we are so much less when apart than when we are together—and when we are together we are so much greater than the sum of our parts."

Mrs Life Happens met him in this strange game named "First Live", where was experiencing heavy turmoils: "I was still bald from chemo when I walked into the movie store he worked in and asked where they'd moved the anime to this time. We got to talking and became friends.

"[The relationship development] may have been on his part. He always says what went through his head at the time was ‘She's cute, she's bald... She likes anime!'

I've got to meet her!’

"I just started visiting him on my breaks from college, either at work or where he lived at his grandma's house close to campus. We became best friends and I finally realized one day when we were on our way to a movie ‘If something happened where life changed and one of us had to move away, I don't know if I could handle him being absent from my life...’ We talked and I found he felt the same way. I say our engagement was a mutual agreement, he insists I proposed to him."

So, as we can see, love sometimes takes its time to develop, but it makes it just as strong!

When asked about how their common path has been so far, Mrs. Cheshire-Angel was for once at loss of words, before admitting she is feeling "well and truly blessed to be her wife." Mrs Life Happens had plenty: "It's been a very rough road due to what life throws at us, but our relationship has always been strong even through the hardest trials. We've never had a serious argument and are approaching 10 years of marriage this coming summer. I've not had the best of health either and that's a big drain on us financially as well as being stressful at times, but he's always been by my side and held my hand through times when I wished I could simply die and let the pain be over. He's pulled me through and I hope I've at least given him half the laughter and love he deserves

After the past, I asked them about how they envision their future. Mrs Cheshire-Angel has big plans, intending to expand their commitment to First Live, and move in with her love. Mrs Life Happens does not see her future as bright, as her health does not allows her much respite. But she knows the pain will be more tolerable as they'll always be laughing together for as long as they both live. (Can we all wish for some miracle to happen, so she can enjoy her happiness without those big gray clouds above?)

Then, I asked again for their plans for a very Steampunk Valentine. Mrs Cheshire-Angel, despite insisting she is not into that kind of holidays, would like a candle-lit dinner, leisurely promenade, walking or flying the Caledon Air Transit, and hints as perhaps more! Mrs Life Happens, seeing that her husband is not in world, would love for a day of exploration in New Babbage.

And to close this wide questionnaire, I asked them for advice to the singles out there. They were mostly in agreement: don’t try to rush it, don’t give up either. Life has a way to surprise us when we least expect it, and love obeys this law. Enjoy your friends; one of them may turn out more.

How nice! Shall we make Valentine’s Day an occasion to celebrate all those we love, friends or more?

Happy Valentine’s day to all the Steamlanders and their cherished ones